Dreaming, day-dreaming and fantasizing are normal human traits. It may not be wrong to say that building lofty long-term goals or dreaming big and working your way forward towards achieving them with a proper strategy in mind is a very desirable way of making progress in life.

Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

I couldn’t agree more with Walt Disney. Having seen very bad days full of struggle in my life, I can say with conviction that if you courageously pursue your realistic dreams, then all of them have the potential to come true. I decided to study for my graduation when I was 30 years of age. I was already working and free-lancing. I not only completed by graduation from the well-known Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland, United Kingdom winning a medal but even went ahead and obtained my Masters’ in Business Administration (MBA) Degree from the same University.

Without hesitation, I would mention that apart from my hard work and dedication, what truly worked for me was the guidance, support and hand-holding provided to me by very able, competent and willing professionals. In my weak moments, they encouraged me to pursue my goals relentlessly. They also taught me the mind science called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which has many simple but powerful techniques that help you use the powers of your Subconscious Mind to your advantage. Using my education and the knowledge gained, I became a successful businesswoman, life coach and NLP counselor and trainer.

While I keep educating myself and honing my skills, I now have a keen desire to help people the world over realize their long-cherished dreams. I want them to acquire new skills, educate and train themselves to reach new heights of success. Through our classroom and online courses, I wish to spread education and knowledge across the world. I wish to ask everyone a simple question, “If I could achieve my dreams, why can’t they?”

Wouldn’t you like to pursue your dreams? Don’t you think having high aspirations and lofty goals is a sign of an enterprising person? Wouldn’t you like to learn the art of drawing up your strategies for success, work on them and be flexible to make amends as you move forward in the direction of your short term and long-term goals? Wouldn’t you be happy if you can draw a road map to your success with a little help from us? Wouldn’t you like it if I hold your hand, guide and counsel you as you move on in life? What is stopping you from doing all this?

Aspire and dream big. Have the courage to pursue your dreams. Draw out a workable plan and start taking concrete actions. Even taking some baby steps, to begin with, will do wonders for you.

Prriya Kaur
Life and Business Coach, NLP Trainer & Counselor

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