At Prriya Success Academy, Scotland, United Kingdom, we have a team of like-minded passionate individuals who are determined to help people achieve big breakthroughs in their lives. Through our innovatively designed classrooms and online training courses, we strive to help willing individuals transform themselves by unlocking their true hidden potential. Whether you are looking for some massive improvements in your health, career, business, wealth, relationships, finances or your personal life, we help you move closer to your dream life till you actually achieve it.

The Founder Director of Prriya Success Academy, Prriya Kaur, lives in Scotland, U.K. with her family. She is the guiding force for her team of dedicated individuals. She has faced many hurdles in her life. With firm courage and determination, she overcame all her challenges and emerged as a successful Life Coach, Entrepreneur, NLP Coach, Business Coach, power to influence, sale, self-development and Trainer. For her, learning is an ongoing process and she continues to learn every day of her life.

From being a semi-literate homemaker, Prriya Kaur has moved to a position where she is financially independent, fully occupied and wonderfully joyous all the time. She is confident of producing all the results that she wants in life. She is equally confident that she can also help you come to the same level of confidence and competence to create the results that you desire and deserve.

The knowledge and experience gained by her while pursuing her Masters’ in Leadership at the world-renowned Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland, U.K. she was also awarded the highly prestigious University Medal in recognition of her outstanding achievements in my individual program of study. -in real handy while designing various courses and while actually imparting training to the participants.

Our classroom and online training programmes are designed keeping the learning requirements of the participants in mind. We believe that any change in attitude, behaviour, conduct and thinking styles can only come about slowly and in a phased manner by altering the existing neural patterns or pathways in the subconscious mind. Our courses are also designed to work towards removing any blockades in the subconscious mind including any past painful memories as the same hinder our progress in life.

During the course, we work on the participants’ belief systems for replacing their limiting beliefs with positive ones. Our courses also have a component dealing with the self-esteem or self-image of the participants, which too needs to be enhanced for deriving optimum benefits.

In a nutshell, we have a comprehensive approach for enhancing the knowledge and skills of our participants in a creative and innovative way. We want our participants to learn and use the tremendous powers of their subconscious minds to the fullest extent possible for best results in everything that they do.


At Prriya Success Academy, we appreciate that while everyone may actually be keen to upgrade their knowledge and skills for achieving better results in life, not all people can really attend classroom training sessions due to various constraints. We have, therefore, designed online training courses where the same content is delivered to the participants on a one-to-one basis at timings that are convenient to the learners, to the maximum extent possible. Just like our classroom participants, our online course participants also get the Bonanza of 4 weekly follow-up telephonic coaching/counselling sessions of 30 minutes each with our Founder Director Prriya Kaur. This is our unique feature and is very much liked by the participants.

We are committed to improve our various training courses and help the participants walk out of their challenges on a continuous basis. We want our participants to achieve everlasting changes in their lives, overcome all hurdles, live the life of their dreams by creating tremendous success and be wonderfully joyous at all times. We work with them to help them achieve all this and much more.

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