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If you are committed to connecting, growing and contributing to as a leader in your workplace and if you are really determined to create an identity for yourself as a leader who can help anyone, no matter what their challenge is, then my Leadership Mastery course will give you great tools and strategies which create an immediate impact and make a lasting and positive change in others and in your life. This will give you the power to influence yourself and others to achieve a greater vision for the mankind at every level.

Two days on the Leadership program will help you grasp enormous knowledge about The Seven Principals of Lasting Change which give you a specific sequence, mastery and tools to follow and help someone transform permanently. When you study Mastery of The Seven Principal Steps of Lasting Change, you will be a master in how to influence the thoughts, feelings, behaviours and actions of those you lead.

You will be the master of discovery of the driving forces and reasons behind people’s action s and behaviour. You will have the ultimate identity of a leader who creates lasting changes. Furthermore, you will be equipped with the insights and skills required to step into any situation and radically improve someone’s quality of life. You will have the ability to influence them.

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The 7 powerful steps for total leadership expertise

The ultimate goal of leadership, is about progress. It is the capability to execute the plans, maximize resources and inspire. It is the capacity to create an environment where people thrive and results are achieved. It is an extraordinary quality that solves problems and gets the things done.

Leadership is the ability to influence the thoughts, feelings, behaviours and actions of those you lead.

Understanding Human Psychology

No matter who you are in the world, or what you do, there is a common force that is driving and shaping all your emotions and actions. It determines the quality of your life and ultimately, your destiny. There are 6 fundamental needs that every person has in common, and all behaviour is simply an attempt to meet those 6 needs.

Transformation Skills

You must have the power to influence yourself, and others, and to consistently produce your desired results by understanding how a person makes decisions. Moreover, mastery of transformation skills gives you a specific sequence, core and tools to follow or to help someone permanently transform so that they reach the deepest level of fulfilment possible as well as the greatest opportunity to grow and contribute to others.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

As per NLP, “The map is not the territory.” Simply put, it means that the map is only a representation of the actual territory. Words seem to be simply put here, but the meaning of this sentence is quite deep. The term NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be understood better by breaking the term and understanding each word of it.

Changing Negative Mentality

When people are failing to change, it is most likely that they have some sort of belief system that their action, behaviour, or pain is on some level meeting their needs. In other words, the reason they do not change is because they think changing their state from pain to pleasure would take away something that is meeting one of their needs.

Changing Limited Patterns

To change someone’s pattern, all you have to do is scramble the pattern. This is known as a pattern interrupt. The outcome is to consistently and appropriately interrupt limiting behavioural patterns in order to create new choice for oneself and others at any moment in time.

Find Empowering Alternative Resources

Creating new alternative empowers people to find all the options that are available, thus creating multiple ways to meet their needs. There are unlimited alternatives found within a person’s imagination, creativity and history that can be used to create new physiologies, focus, questions, language, beliefs and meanings.

Measuring Yourself As a Leader

Use the feedback that you get from yourself and from the other people to calculate your efficiency as a leader; modifications in your plans and goals can then be made in order to improve and yield better.

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why start now

As is rightly said, it is better late than never. The faster you seek to create an identity for yourself as a leader, the faster you can help anyone, no matter what their challenge may be. If you really want to grow as a leader in your work and you are committed to connecting and contributing to your community, the Leadership Mastery course will give you the diverse skills and insights you require in order to modify the lives anywhere. So, make a decision today to empower yourself and make an impact.

Ready To Enrol?

If you want to understand the patterns behind all human behaviour, or help someone change their thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviours and fundamentally the results that make up their life, or to master the ability to influence others, you ought to have the capacity to be a true leader for a positive change.

Learn the 2 questions you need to answer before setting goals for yourself and discover the 10 qualities that all great leaders have.

Are You Struggling with these problems & want get rid of them?


Prriya Kaur has dedicated her life to help people discover their inner powers and put into action the tools, strategies, and resources that create extraordinary results and amazing levels of personal fulfilment. Over the last 10 years, she has directly impacted the lives of people across the globe with her work in leadership psychology, negotiation, organizational turnaround and peak performance.

She strongly believes that we all have the Cosmic Power within us, which is always available, waiting for you to call upon it. By unlocking the infinite power within you, you can lift you up from the mindset of sickness, melancholia, failure, and frustration and set you on the road to health, happiness, abundance and security. In fact she has seen miraculous transformations take place in her and her client’s life.

By uncovering the emotional triggers that influence both you and others, Prriya Kaur will provide you with the tools to shape your decisions and create your ultimate destiny. She is a life coach, mentor, author and a gold medalist in academics. Her goal as a coach is to help you to make a plan so that you can live the life you want to live.

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