Over the last few decades, I have learned some very critical lessons in ‘life-management’ or in the art of managing my internal self well in my day to day life. One of them is that, as a principle, I never break any queue.

I do feel frustrated at times when I find that people break any and every queue for no rhyme or reason. They have utter disregard for the people who had reached earlier and have been waiting patiently for their turn in the queue.

Whatever we may say, we cannot avoid seeing queues in Banks, Bus Stops, Post Offices and Hospitals. Queues help maintain order and discipline at all these places. At many places that are frequented by the elderly, serially numbered tokens are given out and those waiting for their turn have the option to sit and wait. They need to get up only when their token number appears on the LED screen provided for this purpose.

There are, however, situations where the principle of ‘first-come-first-served’ or being in the queue is to be consciously violated. Take the case of promotions in offices where merit takes precedence over your seniority or your position in the queue. Similarly, allowing the elderly to board a bus, train or aircraft without having to wait for their turn in the queue is more a matter of good etiquette than order or discipline.


I personally feel that in addition to all the points mentioned above in favor of observing discipline and waiting for your legitimate turn in a queue, I have the following two strong reasons for my never jumping a queue:

1. My spiritual reason: I firmly believe in the undernoted dictums that appear in the holy Upanishads, a highly revered series of religious texts of the Hindus and a part of the Vedas –

  • ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ meaning “I am Brahman”
  • ‘Tat Twam Asi’ meaning “You are That.”

Both of my beliefs mentioned above imply and mean that you and I both share the same reality – that of being the Universal Consciousness or Brahman.

2. My practical reason:By staying and waiting patiently for my turn in a queue, I save myself from a lot of chaos in my mind. While breaking a queue generally creates a chaos at the physical level, it also leads to chaos in the mind. In order to have peace and harmony in my life, I must avoid such chaos at all costs. Doing so also helps me use the powers of my subconscious mind to the maximum level in my favor. So, I do not mind spending a few minutes extra for all these direct and indirect benefits.

I hope my views above will convince you to never break any queue, in case you have ever had the temptation to break a queue. I can tell you that I have, till date, never regretted my decision to be in the queue!

Prriya Kaur
Life and Business Coach, NLP Trainer & Counselor

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