You must have heard someone or the other complimenting a friend, “The glow on your face, says it all!”

While everyone wants to have a glow on his or her face at all times, the women the world over have perhaps been more conscious about it. They have even been using some sort of shining make-up to bring that glow on their faces for some time. This has been working rather well till now.

As a Life Coach, I am aware that the trend seems to be changing in the last few years. Today, from career-conscious men and women to housewives, students and even the elderly, everyone wants to glow ‘inside-out’. The emphasis has shifted from skin-deep glow to internal glow. The radiance that emanates from your soul or your inner-self is fast becoming a wellness trend.

While we human beings as a species are perennial ‘seekers’, what we seek at any particular time in our lives depends on each individual’s journey and progress in life, both at the physical as well as at the emotional and spiritual levels. Such glow on your face is a sure-shot sign of your great physical and mental health. It flows from a happy state of mind.

Love for your fellow beings plays an important role in bringing that ‘new wellness glow’ on your face. Graceful acceptance of what you cannot possibly change is another critical factor as it drastically reduces the unnecessary tussles in your mind and life. Doing small things for others without expecting anything in return also plays a big role here. In fact, if you get into the habit of doing things for others whom you don’t even know and may never meet again in life, it has its own advantages in boosting your self-image and confidence in your own self. You can also count ‘letting go’ as another positive attribute here.

Last but not the least, let me say that contentment gives you a feeling of true joy and success in life. This joy gets accentuated when you express your gratitude to the universe for all that it has given you. You must express gratitude every day or every moment of your life and others will see a ‘new wellness glow’ on your face all the time.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your new wellness regime right away.

Prriya Kaur
Life Coach, NLP Trainer & Counsellor

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