The Easy Way to Stop Smoking (part three)

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking (part three)

I Want to Quit. What is the First Thing I Should Do?

To quit successfully, you first need to understand your smoking habits. It is important to think about what feelings, activities, or situations cause you to smoke. Think about the times you like to smoke.

Why did you start smoking in the first place?

Start asking yourself why I am doing this. Do I need to do it? And the answer is simple. No, of course, I do not. What this tape is about more than anything else is removing the brainwashing. Eliminating the hype. It’s not the non-smokers who’ve been deprived, it’s the poor deluded smoker who is missing out on a lifetime of health, energy, peace of mind, confidence, courage, self-respect and happiness.

What do you gain from these huge sacrifices, absolutely nothing? Just the illusion of trying to get back to that so-called state of tranquillity and confidence and illusionary state of mind. One which non-smoker enjoy all the time.

What tricks you to smoke? When you have strong feelings, like when you feel happy, sad, angry, or depressed or when you feel bored? When you get up in the morning?

Look what has happened in that situation is this, without being conscious of this you are already suffering aggravation from the withdrawal pangs right after your last cigarette. You got extra aggravation for the telephone, the potential stress situation you light up. What happens is that you partially relieve the withdrawal pangs.

So, you have the illusion that the actual stress is reduced. You do feel better than before you lit the cigarette. That bit is no illusion. The real illusion is that your cigarette is reducing the stress caused by the phone call. It is not the cigarettes that destroy your nerves, they don’t soothe them.

Ever run out of cigarettes late at night? Still, a couple of hours before you get to bed.

Panic. Right?

Non-smokers don’t get that.

Feelings of panic are caused by cigarettes and it’s a little piece of that panic you’re trying to relieve every time you light one up.

 Boredom is a state of mind. When you smoke a cigarette, your mind isn’t repeating “I’m smoking a cigarette”. The only time that happens is when you light up after you have been deprived for a long time or when you’re trying to cut down all those first four cigarettes after a failed attempt to stop. Come on. Admit it. You smoke most of your cigarettes without ever being aware you’re doing it.

What’s happening is this, when you’re addicted to nicotine and you’re not smoking something is missing. Now if your mind is occupied, you can go for extended periods without that bothering you. Ever been to a play a long one that forgotten that you haven’t had a cigarette for hours. When you are bored on the other hand, there is nothing to take your mind off, so you feel the craving.

The truth of the matter is that cigarettes indirectly tend to increase boredom because they make you feel lethargic. So, instead of undertaking some interesting activities, smokers just tend to lounge around bored, leaving the withdrawal pangs.

That cigarette is the one because it’s the one that leads to the next. And that one leads to the next and so on and so on for the rest of your shortened life. Unless you break the chain. It’s not a chain, it’s fear. You lit it with the first cigarette you ever smoked and every time you light another one the fuse is getting shorter and shorter. Each cigarette is one step nearer to the explosion.

Of course, you don’t know how long from the fuse is but you don’t know how short it is either. All our lives, we smokers say to ourselves I’LL STOP ONE DAY, I’LL STOP TOMORROW. I have seen people dying from the results of smoking who have said that exactly for years and years. How do you think they felt once they were too late? You are lucky. You’ve still got the chance to stop.

Continued in the next blog…

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