Are you ready to stop smoking? (Part four)

Are you ready to stop smoking? (Part four)

Powerful Tips

The first day will be the hardest, but remember it is only 24 hours long. Because this day will be difficult, be good to yourself and ask for support from those around you. Read your list of reasons for quitting, start your nicotine replacement treatment(s) (if that is part of your plan), and think about your coping skills and your support group that will help you through today and in the future. And don’t forget to reward yourself. Quit day is also a good time to review the benefits of not smoking. Doing so may help to keep you motivated. Keep these tips in mind on your quit day:

That’s the part of what you have been trying to get through to you. Giving up smoking isn’t difficult it’s ridiculously easy. Why should it be hard after all? To stop smoking all you have to do is not smoke anymore. No one forces you to do it. You don’t need to do it to survive. So if you want to stop, why should it be difficult. As I say, it isn’t. People make it difficult because they go at it the wrong way.

So just think how great it is to be free from all those black shadows at the back of the mind, all those worries about health risks that we try to hide from ourselves without ever quite succeeding. All come but the greatest benefit of all is to be free of that permanent feeling of emptiness of insecurity that makes us close our minds to the black side of smoking

Well, whatever the reason is. You suddenly look at the pros and cons and the answer is crystal clear. The advantages of giving up far at bay from giving up disadvantages.

You move about waiting for things to improve. But in the meantime, cigarettes aren’t becoming less precious, they’re becoming more precious than ever. Actually the fact is, something does happen. If you survive for three weeks, the actual physical craving for nicotine disappears. Not that this solves the mental problems, in fact, it can ruin the whole exercise. You sense that you kicked the habit, so you light up a cigarette to prove it. Brilliant, it tastes awesome. So, you are filled with a nice, warm, self-satisfied glow except of course you just put fresh nicotine in your body. So you immediately feel the need for another one and nicotine tasted ghastly and you feel there is no harm in that. Before you know it, you are back on the 20th day.

The answer is that to give up successfully we just don’t have to purge nicotine out of our bodies. We have to purge the brainwashing deprivation from our minds as well. We have to feel totally positive about giving up rather than regarding it as an unpleasant necessity.

The mistake comes from thinking of smoking as a habit that you can control. It’s not a habit, it’s an addiction and the nature of any addiction is to want it more and more not less and less. In order to cut down permanently you’ll have to exercise massive willpower and discipline for the rest of your life. If you don’t have the enough willpower to stop then you certainly have to cut down. Stopping is far easier and less painful.

NOT NOW, LATER. Then putting it out into your mind. Work out your timetable, your precise stopping time now and look forward to it. Remember you aren’t giving anything up. On the contrary, you are about to receive a whole load of really marvellous new benefits, new gates and new advantages.

Two essentials of stopping:

You have decided on stopping
You are now ready to smoke your last cigarette. Smoke it alone and don’t smoke it subconsciously. Concentrate on every puff. Concentrate on the taste and the smell. Concentrate on the cancerous fumes going into your lungs. Concentrate on the poisons filling up your arteries and veins.
Concentrate on the nicotine going in your body. And then when you put it out just think how marvellous it would be to not to go on doing it. The joy of being freed from slavery. It’s like coming out of the world of black shadows into the world of sunshine. And as you emerge spare a thought of every diminishing band of addicts left on that sinking ship
Listen to a guided meditation for 21 days to stop smoking. You can visit my YouTube channel, Prriya Success Academy, or you can book a free session with me. You will learn how to programme your mind to break the smoking habit and become a non-smoker. Quitting smoking is easy with hypnotherapy, as this method is uniquely effective in programming the mind to overcome the addiction to cigarettes and nicotine while remaining in control of your eating habits. Glenn’s highly acclaimed hypnosis techniques and production will help you achieve these goals safely and naturally.

A few weeks after learning the release, method, I completely stooped my chain- smoking habit and craving has not come back. (Lloyd Scoot, Glasgow)

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